Infinity Wide Aquatic Tour Air

Infinity Surfboard Co.

The Wide Aquatic TOUR AIR is the race inflatable board by Infinity, top quality SUP brand from California, famous for innovation and quality. Unbelieble stiffness and great speed, the WIde Aquatic Tour Air is easily accessible to even less experienced paddlers thanks to its 30" width.

1.199,00 € VAT included

JP CruiseAIR 11‘6"x30“ WS CF SE

JP Australia

11'6"x30"x5" - windsurf convertible
Touring board for those looking for a faster glide without compromising the stability. The balanced shape outline with wider tail and narrower outline combines stability with speed.
"LE" stands for Light Edition: the board only weights less than 8 kg.
It can easily be converted into a windsurfing board and adding the center fin will make cruising in light to medium wind very fun. It's long enough to carry an extra person on board!

1.049,00 € VAT included

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Oxbow Play Air 10'

Oxbow SUP

From first-timers to families or for fitness, fishing and yoga, the Play series is designed to inspire confidence and deliver performance for a wide range of SUP disciplines and riders of all sizes, including beginners up to 175 pounds!

687,20 €   859,00 € VAT included

Oukai Blueline Race 12'6


The RRace 12'6"x30" is an extremely fast board. The straight outline offers great tracking and the wide box tail makes the board easy to turn around the mark. A generous EVA pad aera allows you to move around the board during down-winders as well as during racing.

930,01 € VAT included

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I Love AllInOne 10’6


Easy and stable board with a wide range of use thanks to its 280 lt. volume and 32" width.
Extra durable layer PVC makes it light and easy to carry.
It comes with gear holder elastic band, sackpack, fin, pump and fixing kit.

567,75 €   757,00 € VAT included

Jimmy Lewis Maestro Air

Jimmy Lewis

High quality inflatable board with best performance and maximum durability. Thank to its nice glide and stability it can be used for flat water cruising or SUP yoga/fitness as well as wave riding.
Gear holder elastic band on nose.
Backpack, fin, pump, repair kit are inclouded.

980,00 € VAT included

RRD Air Evo (used for demo)


Used for shop demo and test.
Perfect conditions, no damages, no repair done or needed.
Included: boardbag, pump, leash, lifejacket and 3 pieces adj. alu paddle.
Available sizes:
10'2"x33"x4"¾ vol.: 170lt.
10'4"x34"x4"¾ vol.: 190lt.
10'4"x34"x6" vol.: 275lt.

499,00 € VAT included

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RRD Airsense V1


The AIRSENSE is the must have inflatable board for all you ladies out there. RRD (We) have selected the most compatible sizes from the Airsup models and redesigned the look just for you.

1.002,60 €   1.113,99 € VAT included

I Love Rock Kids 8'0"


Designed for the youngest paddlers, 28" wide makes it vey easy to paddle. Super light construction.

499,00 € VAT included

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Designed for long dinstance paddle and racing. It can be in flat water as fast as solid race boards thanks to its fast rocker line, its 28" width, the central reinforcement stringer and the FCS Slater Trout 9" US BOX fin.
Gear holder elastic band on nose.
Backpack, fin, pump, repair kit are inclouded.

745,51 €   1.065,00 € VAT included