RRD Pocket Rocket


RRD Pocket Rocket

Dedciated windfoil board, super easy and high performing in any wind conditions. Fits very well any sails up to 8.0. Double foil box: TUTTLe for windfoiling and US FOIL BOX for supfoiling.

  • 180 cm of length for maximum maneuverability and transport convenience
  • 76 cm of width and 122 litres to make it accessible to everyone
  • The thick rails all the way from the tail to the nose provides the volume to float in the lightest wind and uphaul any size of sail
  • Deck concave and full EVA pad for top class comfort
  • Easy carry HANDLE on the bottom to facilitate the transport of the board, rig and foil to the water
  • Deck HANDLE for board only transport
  • Tuttle head foil box for windfoiling
  • Convertible to SUP FOIL thanks to the US FOIL FIN BOX