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Oxbow Discover 11'x29"

Oxbow SUP

Vol.: 220 lt.
Peso: 12.5 kg.
Costruzione: ACE-TEC

999,00 € VAT included

Oxbow Glide 12'6"x29" Bamboo

Oxbow SUP

Vol.: 280 lt.
Peso: 13.5 kg.
Costruzione: C-TEC Bamboo

1.699,00 € VAT included

SIC Okeanos

SIC Maui

"made for recreational paddling and journeying" with racing DNA.
Stable both on flat and rough waters, glides effortless with great tracking.
Ideal for training and longer explorations.
11'x28" - 220 lt. - 12.7 kg.
12'6"x27" - 240 lt. - 13.4 kg.
12'6"x29" - 275 lt. - 14.1 kg.
14"x28" - 305 lt. - 14.5 kg.

1.599,01 € VAT included

OXBOW PLAY Bamboo 10'6"

Oxbow SUP

10'6"'x34" con 230lt.
From first-timers to families or for fitness, fishing and yoga, the Play series is designed to inspire confidence and deliver performance for a wide range of SUP disciplines and riders of all sizes, including beginners up to 350 pounds! With a flat deck area and multiple deck attachment points it’s easy to customize the board for your intended use. Full rail-to-rail volume and ample width create amazing stability while a unique keeled nose design and full waterline increase speed, efficiency and glide.

1.399,00 € VAT included

Jimmy Lewis Cruise Ship

Jimmy Lewis

Maximum fun and maximum performance. The best attributes of a race board put in an incredibly stable platform so that anyone can enjoy performance and glide like a performance displacement hull.

2.321,00 € VAT included

Jimmy Lewis Cruise control

Jimmy Lewis

La prima, la piu' famosa e la piu' venduta al mondo tavola del leggendario shaper hawaiiano.
DIsponibile in tre misure (10'6, 11' e 11'6), perfetta per il cruise, per il race nella categoria all-round e nelle onde diu altezza inferiore al metro e mezzo,

1.830,00 € VAT included

Jimmy Lewis Maestro

Jimmy Lewis

Sup dedicato esclusivamente all'apprendimento dello Stand Up Paddle ma anche con interessanti risvolti come per sup Yoga.
Disponibile in due misure:
9'9x33" - 180 lt.
10'3x35" - 213 lt.

1.806,00 € VAT included