(to be cut to paddler's size)


Jantex Ypsilon 92 Stiff

Sprint race & long distance men.

359,00 € VAT included

Werner Ripstick 79

"Rip harder with surf specific designs."

459,00 € VAT included

Quick Blade Trifecta


Best racing paddle ever. Narrow blade tip with fuller mid section for a softer catch and yet powerful mid stroke. Double conceve blade blending into a dihedral adds extra stability to the stroke and eliminates blade fluttering.
Blade area: 76, 86 e 96 sq.in.

499,00 € VAT included

Quick Blade V Drive Vector Net


The colorful Vector-net lay-up’s have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex in this hybrid construction.
With excellent torsional stiffness they’re ideal for both surfing, touring and racing, while more forgiving on the shoulders and wrists than the all carbon version.
Blade area: 71, 81 and 91 sq.in.
Coloris red/yellow, green/yellow, blue/white

399,00 € VAT included

Jimmy Lewis Kanaha

100% fiberglass fixed paddle (cut to right height).
Lightweight and relaxing flex, ideal for youring, cruising and beginner supsurfing.
92 sq.in. blade by Jim Terrel (Quick Blade).
Masao designs.

219,00 € VAT included

SIC Bolt - CTL

SIC Maui

Cut-to-lenght paddle with 65% carbon shaft (oval towards the blade) and 100% pre-preg carbon blade.
Blade comes in two sizes: 80 sq.in. and 90 sq.in.

299,00 € VAT included

On sale

JP Carbon Glass CNC Paddle

JP Australia

60% Pre-preg carbon shaft and CNC shaped high density PVC core blade with a fiberglass layup. The new concave V blades are powerful and super stable.

210,32 €   239,00 € VAT included