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Windsurf foiling, wing-foiling  and stand up paddling (SUP) gear TEST/RENT  with REFUND on related purchase.


Our aim is offering the chance to try the gear before buying it.

We offer the following gear for TEST/RENT:

  • inflatable SUP with paddle
  • hard SUP with paddle
  • boards for windsurf foiling
  • foils for windsurfing
  • boards for wing-foiling
  • foils for wing-foiling
  • wings

Every item has the same daily (24h.) tariff: 1 board = 1 foil = 1 wing = 1 SUP.
You can rent one or more items at the same time.

You can also switch gear during your test period with no additional costs.

We only use high performance / premium gear for this service.

TEST & BUY: if you decide to buy, you will get refund for what you spent for rental (up to 3 days).



  • 1 item: 1x€50= €50
  • 2 items: 2x€45= €90
  • 3 items: 3x€40= €120



  • 1 foil, 1 days: €50
  • 1 foil + 1 board, 2 days : €180
  • 1 foil + 1 board + 1 wing, 3 days: €360
  • 1 SUP (with paddle), 1 days: €50
  • 1 SUP (with paddle), 2 days: €100



If after testing you decide to buy an item within the same category of what you tested, you will have a refund for what you paid for test/rent.


You rented two items (one windsurf foil boar and one foil for windsurfing) for a day spending €90:

  • if you buy one windsurf foil board and one windsurf foil, you'll get a €90 refund;
  • if you buy one windsurf foil, you will get a €45 refund;
  • if you buy a SUP, you will get no refund.



  • For damages whose repair cost is less than €120, you need to fully pay the repair.
  • In caso di danni inferiori a €120, il costo della riparazione deve essere pagato.
  • For damages whose repair cost is more than €120, you have 3 options:
    1. fully pay the repair cost and pay for the loss of value of the damages item (difference between the retail price stated before the test and the value after damage adn repair);
    2. buy the damaged item at the retail price stated before testing;
    3. if you have our insurance, pay €120.



We offer a €12 per item daily insurance.

  • All damages whose repair cost is more than €120 are covered.
  • Damages whose repair cost is lower than €120 will be charged.
  • If repair cost is more than €120, we will only charge €120, even if the gear is impossible to repair (even if destroyed, gear must be returned to us).
  • The insurance does not cover lost or stolen gear. In this case you will be charge with the retail price stated at the beginning of your test/rent period.

Get in touch with us to book your test or to have more information.

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